About me

I received my PhD from Tohoku University in Japan, with a thesis focused on aggregation behaviors in Drosophila melanogaster:

“Quantification of aggregation behaviors in Drosophila melanogaster ― their underlying neuropeptides and brain areas”

Now I am a researcher at the Connectome Analysis Unit, RIKEN Center for Brain Science, Japan with Dr. Alexander Woodward, focusing functional connectome analysis of fMRI BOLD signals for Japan’s Brain/MINDS project.

Some of my work:

GSDGM and MTESS toolbox (MATLAB & Python script) :

The GSDGM and MTESS Toolbox is a powerful tool for surrogate data generation and multivariate time-series similarity analysis. Three GSDGM algorithms have been implemented to generate group surrogate data: 1) Vector Auto-Regression (VAR) surrogate (R. Liégeois, et al., 2017), 2) Principal Component VAR (PCVAR) surrogate, and 3) Vector Auto-Regressive Deep Neural Network (VARDNN) surrogate (T.Okuno and A.Woodward, 2021). MTESS can quantify the similarity between two multivariate time-series. It is composed of the normalized distance or cos-similarity of seven basic statistical properties. These are the standard deviation, auto-correlation, partial auto-correlation, correlation matrix, partial correlation matrix, cross-correlation matrix and partial cross-correlation matrix, and multivariate kurtosis. The difference between two multivariate time-series is expressed by a single value [0, 5] (0: not similar to 5: similar)(MTESS).

Github repository (MATLAB version), Github repository (Python version)

VARDNN toolbox (MATLAB & Python script) :

VARDNN is a powerful tool of data-driven analysis technique to estimate directed FC (Functional Connectivity). Based on VARDNN framework, two types of directed FC are defined, such as VARDNN-DI and VARDNN-GC to measure causal relation among multiple time-series data.

Github repository (MATLAB version), Github repository (Python version)

NWB format convert tool (MATLAB script) :

This tool could generate a NWB format file from an excel template file and raw image files.

Github repository

Quade’s test (MATLAB script) :

Quade’s test is nonparametric or rank analysis of covariance (ANCOVA). This implementation is based on Quade, D. (1967). Rank analysis of covariance. Journal of the American Statistical Association, 62(320), 1187-1200

Github repository

TPro (MATLAB script) :

TPro is detection and tracking software for small animals (Drosophila melanogaster, mouse, etc.). This software have useful and user friendly GUI, and is able to analyze animal behaviors.

Github repository